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It’s easy to get wrapped up in the craze of Christmas decorations. Picture the house from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and you know what it means to go overboard. At the same time, you do want to create a cozy, festive home for the season. You can make your space inviting without the stress of budget and sanity with these budget friendly Christmas decor ideas.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to have the perfectly decorated home. Target’s Magnolia line or not, your home can have just the right touch of personal and frugal decoration.

If you’re willing to get a bit creative, you can find lots of ideas for budget friendly Christmas decor. Check out these DIY projects and helpful tips for making your home a cozy holiday space.

For some other ideas, here are some trendy Christmas tree decor themes.

5 Budget Friendly Christmas Decor Ideas

If you get creative, you can find lots of ideas for budget friendly Christmas decor. These DIY projects will make your home a cozy holiday space.

Nativity Stones

If you have kids, this is a great addition to your Christmas collection. It simply consists of a few flat stones, some markers, and a bit of time. Even if you’re not the most artistic person in the world, you can make this fun, simple nativity set. It’s cheap, fairly easy, and a good, durable option for kids.

Washi Tape Card Tree

I love this idea because you can make this as big or as small as you desire. Find an empty space on the wall, create a basic tree outline following the tutorial’s example, and little by little, you’ll have a wall full of your favorite faces!

Scrap Fabric Wreath

If you work with fabric often, you probably have lots of scraps hanging around. Or maybe you know someone who has lots of fabric scraps. Take those leftovers and make this simple, no-sew wreath. You can create a funky, colorful piece to add some personality to your Christmas decor or stay simple with like-colored pieces. The finished product is a beautiful statement item for your front door or a wall in your home.

5 Budget Friendly Christmas Decor Ideas


The variety and versatility of garland makes this a great option for any home. Again, it’s simple and involves little skill, but the results are just wonderful. Hang this cute, felt option in your living room or kids’ bedrooms. Or check out a couple other garland ideas here!

Free Printables

To bring some Christmas flare to your walls or shelves, exchange your framed photos for a few of these cute prints. They’re free – as long as you have access to a color printer!

If all else fails, and if your craft skills are not as strong, wait for those after-season deals. Stock up on sale items after Christmas, and store them away for future holiday celebrations. Again, decorating your home for the season doesn’t need to be stressful. It can be simple and personal, while also saving you some money. Enjoy putting originality into your decor, and have fun bringing Christmas into your space.

Jess Lyons
Jess Lyons
Jess Lyons is a wife, mom, and Resident Director to 100+ college students. Her days are filled with dorm events and bike rides with her family, and she loves the overlap of it all. In her free time, you can find her reading a book or enjoying good food with friends.