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Halloween is almost a week away and if you’ve been to any grocery or convenience store then chances are you’ve noticed all of the bags upon bags of sugary snacks lining the aisles. Sometimes I wish there were some healthy trick or treat ideas, especially since my kids come home with more candy than they’ll ever eat!

Don’t get me wrong, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (who doesn’t love fancy dress?), but the over-abundance of candy can cause problems. So why not get creative this year? Leave the Snickers and the Twix bars to the neighbor, and consider handing out some of these healthy trick or treat ideas this Halloween.

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5 Healthy Trick Or Treat Ideas

Leave the Snickers and the Twix bars to the neighbor, and consider handing out some of these healthy trick or treat ideas this Halloween.

Rice Krispy Treats

I know what you’re thinking; Rice Krispy treats as a healthy alternative? If done correctly, however, Rice Krispy treats can be a relatively easy and healthy treat to hand out to kids this year. Instead of white sugar and butter, a healthy alternative can be made with brown sugar and coconut oil. Consider using brown rice krisp cereal as well. One pan of these can be cut into small bite size pieces and can be made relatively quickly. If you have an inner-baker, let it loose with this tasty choice!

Fruit Strips

Even now, as an adult, these are one of my favorite snacks. A great organic alternative to processed sweets, you can either buy these from the store in bulk or get creative and try to make your own. Here is a great recipe for fruit roll-ups. They come individually wrapped and I guarantee you the ghouls and goblins coming to your door will not be disappointed when they get one of these dropped in their bag. In terms of flavor, you can’t go wrong with strawberry, but that’s just me.

Trail Mix

The nice thing about trail mix is that you can make it however you want. If you have the nuts, fruit, and sweets on hand, go ahead and mix it all up and put them in little bags for the kids. Traditionally, trail mix can have some sweets in it, but you can make it however you want. Dark chocolate chips and Rice Chex pieces can be a great start in creating a healthy mix for everyone. Don’t skimp on the nuts too!

5 Healthy Trick Or Treat Ideas That Are Better Than Candy

Dark Chocolate Almonds

Speaking of nuts, dark chocolate almonds are a fantastic choice. Almonds are a great source of protein and have been proven to curve appetites. Neighborhood parents will love you because if the kids start their bag by eating the almonds, chances are they wont make it through all of the rest of the candy!

Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Everyone knows Welch’s. These are not a horrible alternative to chocolate on All-Hallows-Eve and Costco sells huge boxes of these that can supply you with small packets to last you the whole night. Of course, Welch’s are not the only brand available and there are probably some even healthier fruit snack alternatives, but if you are strapped on time these can be a great choice.

Hopefully these healthy trick or treat ideas will help get the creative holiday juices flowing. By the time next Halloween rolls around, all the neighborhood kids will be excited to see what you’re doing next!