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Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you’ve only just begun thinking about what your little one will be for Halloween, let alone yourself! Typically, I’m a last minute kind of girl so a simple costume that includes something I already have in my closet is a must. But this year, I’m hoping to find some fashionable Halloween Costumes!

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Here are ten fashionable Halloween costumes that will have you feeling classy and comfortable. You can dress up and have all the fun without all the fuss of dramatic makeup or purchasing a costume you’ll never wear again. 

10 Fashionable Halloween Costumes

Here are ten fashionable Halloween costumes that will have you feeling classy and comfortable. You can dress up and have all the fun without all the fuss! Stylish Halloween Costumes | Classy Halloween Costumes | Halloween Costumes for Women

Audrey Hepburn

When it comes to fashionable halloween costumes, I don’t think you could be classier that Audrey! With the purchase of a few accessories and that little black dress (and heels) in your closet, you’ll be ready to ‘Halloween’ in style.

French Mime

If you have a pit of black skinny jeans and a black and white striped shirt to match, you have almost everything you need for this simple and comfortable Halloween garb.

Little Red Riding Hood

I love this option because it doesn’t include a lot of accessories and you get to wear leggings and a black tee! It doesn’t get more comfortable than that! Still, with a red cape and a basket from your home, you’ll be one sassy little red riding hood. (This could also be a fun option for a couple OR add the three little pigs if the kiddos want to join!)

Owl Costume

This owl costume takes a little bit of time and preparation but I had to add it to my list because even as a costume this dress is precious. What a great idea for a work Halloween party or maybe even a costume competition?

Bat Costume

This bat pattern offers a perfect stylish costume. It takes little effort to make and you can dress it up or down with heels or high tops.

80’s Chick

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t an 80s chick a few years in a row. I am a huge fan of leggings and the off the shoulder top. And if we’re honest, isn’t it fun to have an excuse to wear neon and rock a side ponytail?

Vintage Barbie

This vintage Barbie costume is sure to win prizes at any costume party. While you may have to purchase a few items to make this in really work, it’s totally worth it if you’re about the “tasteful but sexy” look.

10 Fashionable Halloween Costumes For The Stylish Woman

Mary Poppins

This Mary Poppins costume guide has everything you need to pull off the perfect Mary Poppins. It’s simple, comfortable, cute AND a classic!

Rosie the Riviter

Every time I see Rosie, I smile. To be Rosie, head to the thrift store to find the right top and a bandanna. Throw on your favorite jeans and you’re ready to tote the kids around the neighborhood!

Pineapple Costume

When I initially saw this pineapple costume I bought it was silly but after taking a closer look I realized that with the right dress this costume could be perfect for a Halloween cocktail party or other dressy event.

What was one of your favorite fashionable Halloween costumes?

Alise Durkota
Alise Durkota
Alise is a mother of two who loves the slow, small town life. She is a teacher turned stay at home mom who loves cooking, her husband, going on long neighborhood walks, just about any baked good (with coffee) and playing with her children. She has a passion for all things childhood development, teaching, and learning.