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March 29, 2017
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The Top 5 Dress Trends For Formal Spring Occasions
April 5, 2017
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It’s Officially the Weekend, So Treat Yourself to a Girls’ Night (or Day) Out

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Friday has finally rolled around, and you are counting down the hours until you are off the clock and get to be with your favorite ladies!  Here are some fun ideas for your next Girls’ Night Out:

Treat yourself! – Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the stereotypical GNO.  Book a massage at a nearby spa or even just get mani-pedis at the nearest chain salon!  Whatever the case, now is your time to kick back and relax with your BFFs.

Channel your inner Picasso! – “Sip and Paint” parties are the hottest new trend!  A lot of major cities now have studios (typically BYOB) where you can enjoy your favorite beverage and take an art class.  In most cases, you are instructed on how to recreate iconic pieces of artwork.  See who is the best artist among your gals!

Take in a show! – Luxury movie theaters are on the rise and with that means reclining chairs and gourmet meals brought right to your seat!  Dine-in movie theaters are the ultimate, all-in-one movie-going experience.

Step out of your comfort zone! – Groupon offers a wide variety of deals and coupons on group outings.  Be a little adventurous and try something you would not normally be inclined to do.  Try your hand at indoor skydiving, rent a boat, go to a sporting event or concert… the sky’s the limit!

Get your blood pumping! – Can’t seem to motivate yourself to go for that run every morning?  Grabbing a buddy to workout with you makes physical activity less of a chore and more enjoyable.  Hit your local tennis courts, take a dance class, or maybe even try a boxing lesson!  Who says you can’t have a good time with your girls while shedding a few pounds?

Grab your roses! – Fawn over America’s most recent heartthrob by hosting a Bachelor or Bachelorette viewing party!  Get creative by decorating according to the season.  Make a bracket of who you think will make it to the finale.  Get a dozen roses and a bottle of rosé and you are good to go!

Lend a helping hand! – Doing something nice for someone else is a truly rewarding experience, and having your altruistic amigas at your side only makes it better!  Find a nearby soup kitchen, nursing home, or animal shelter and offer to help for the night.

Host a slumber party! – Nothing says “Girls’ Night” like a good old-fashioned slumber party!  Make some popcorn,  put on your favorite romantic comedy, and channel your inner teenager.  Sleepovers are a tried and true bonding experience for you and your favorite girls.  Make sure you have a box of pancake mix for the morning!

As Women’s History Month (March) comes to a close, it is time for you to celebrate yourself and the strongest women you know!  What do you have planned for your next Girls’ Night Out?  Share in the comment section below this article!

Camille Barron
Camille Barron
Camille is a New York native living in Nashville, Tennessee. She loves yoga, running, nutrition, and fashion, and is grateful for the opportunity to share important information with mothers. You can check out more of her writing on her personal blog at