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With all of the “to do” lists for every aspect of our lives, how can we actually live in the present day when so much of our focus is on getting things done? There is so much activity happening all the time, having a few moments that we can fully engage and not worry about what else is coming next or where we need to be or what we need to be doing seems impossible. However, the advice I hear all the time from older mom’s says “it goes by so fast” and “appreciate the moments” because they will be over in a blink of an eye.  So, for the next 30 days I have committed to doing just that, living in the moment.

I don’t think living in the moment means no order, productivity or “to do” lists. Rather, for me, it means giving something or someone my full attention. In other words, no multi-tasking! For many of us, we have this belief that more activities we do at once, the more we can accomplish. Have you ever tried talking on the phone and writing an email? My guess it the quality of both is pretty poor. What does that say about our accomplishments then? I am thinking that if both were done separately, with a little focus, the quality would be much better.

Here are the main areas I am going to work on:

Conversations. As soon as I start talking with anyone – kids, husband, boss – I will stop whatever else I am doing and give my full attention.

This is sounds simple, but just a few minutes ago my son came into my office to chat and I found myself continuing to type away while we talked. I reminded myself of my goal and then physically closed my laptop until we were done.

The reality is, nothing is more important to me as talking with my kids, and I always want them to know they have my full attention when they want to connect.

Evenings. Having a home office is great on so many levels. Except when it comes to disconnecting from work. Just one more email or a few more pages on the presentation that needs to get done, makes work-life balance difficult.

Having a set time to stop working and then NOT CHECKING emails is key. I plan to hold myself accountable on this one. It will all be there in the morning when I sign back on. Then, I will give my attention to the people and activities in and around the house.

Weekends. Is this typically your time to get everything done that you didn’t accomplish during the week? Laundry, shopping, social events, etc. I know certain things need to get done, but maybe a less crazy list might allow me to have a conversation with a friend in the grocery store, instead of quickly waving hello. Allowing yourself to relax on the weekend in whatever makes you feel recharged is important. So is being able to take the time to enjoy people’s company.
I believe that living in the moment will help me accomplish more, not less. Because those moms are right, time is one thing we can never get back.