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5 Ways to Create a Stylish, Comfortable Home

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Is it possible to have both a great looking home and one that is comfortable for everyone who lives in it? If your like me, you enjoy a home that looks and feels great. I love looking at Pinterest and discovering cool ways to decorate. Fixer upper showers on HGTV that give the before and after are my favorite. But, how long can those perfectly staged rooms remain intact before a group of children take over? Once the real life families start actually living there, can those home remain as the designer intended?

Try some on these tips to keep your home comfortable, yet looking great:

1. Minimize Clutter. I’ll be honest, I don’t like clutter. That is the number one thing I try to minimize. It takes daily sorting of papers, a cleaning routine, and making sure everyone picks up their items and returns them to where they belong. It does make a huge difference in how I feel about my home. And, it helps us all stay organized and less stressed, so it’s worth it.

2. Add Accents. As much as I hate clutter, I do enjoy personalized accents that bring a little personality to a room. Things that remind me of the people I love, tells us that “this is our home” and makes us feel good about being there. This fun piece was done for my niece and her husband land looks so cool in her new home. Check out palmerwivesdesigns for more information.

3. Limit your Photos. As much as I love displaying photos, I realize too many of these can take over a space, so I limit them. You should have no more than 5 photos in frames per room. Make them special ones and change them periodically.

4. Use Throws and Blankets. Invest in some stylish ones that look great. Check out Pottery Barn Throws for a nice selection. Be sure and keep them looking good by arranging neatly on the sofa or chair when not in use. I have seen some rooms that have several mismatched blankets thrown around and it looks messy.

5. Refresh. Adding a few new accessories to your home can change the entire look and feel of it. Try and examine your home with a fresh eye every season. When you are swapping out the old items, like pillows, rugs and accessories, there’s no reason to throw them out. If you have the room, keep a large bin of items that can be rotated. Better yet, do a swap with a friend or neighbor. Find ways to save money and keep your house looking great.

There is no reason you can’t have a stylish home that is occupied by a real family! It does take some regular upkeep to maintain a fresh feel. Daily chores for the kids and minimizing clutter is important. Create a home you love and others love to be in!