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Can you imagine having 11 people putting in a total of 1,700 hours to create a dress just for you? That’s the effort it took to make Emma Stone’s gorgeous gown she wore at the Oscar’s, according to her stylist Petra Flannery as told to People magazine. It seems the entire dress was beaded onto lace. I can only imagine how stunning it was in person. Since my view came from watching it on TV and pouring over the photos online the next day, it was hard to see the detail. What I think made it beautiful was Emma Stone – who is so natural and a genuine beauty. In my book, the only way someone can have what I consider to have a “best” look in any type of gown, is to pair it with a great smile, some humility and a little fun!

Not being a fashion writer doesn’t stop me from loving the red carpet looks and the glow of the women who are fortunate enough to wear them. The glamour of it all is so exciting. I love that women’s fashion at the Oscar’s is still such a priority in Hollywood.

Here’s my top rated women’s fashions at the Oscars and why I thought they were so fabulous:

Emma Stone – Her beautiful gold Givenchy Couture gown was exquisite. It was a perfect match to her skin tone and the fun fringe on the bottom made it really come alive. The bonus to her look was her smile and confidence.

Viola DavisIn Armani Prive, she was just gorgeous in her red, striking dress. It was very simple, yet elegant and stylish.

Nicole Kidman – She wore a light colored, sleeveless Armani Prive gown. She is another timeless beauty who can wear many types of styles. This one was amazing and her tall frame wore it beautifully.

Halle Barry – She wore a Versace gown that was so elegant and form-fitting, without revealing too much. It looked like she let hair go natural, which gave it a carefree look. It’s great to see a style that was so casual (although you know it probably took hours to get that look).

Charlize Theron – Does this woman age? She wore a Dior Couture gown that was spectacular on her. She was always smiling and so impressive.