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Spring is on its way and hosting a spring dinner party may be on your list for spring festivities. Spring is one of the best times to throw a gathering because when the weather warms up everyone is excited to be social again after the cold winter months. Here are some of the best ways to make your spring dinner party extra special.
Decorate with flowers. The best thing about spring is quite possibly the abundance of gorgeous flowers found at stores all over. By far the best place to get flowers is at a farmer’s market, but any place will do just fine. Create beautiful arrangements mixing different flowers to serve as centerpieces and decor for your party. Create one beautiful arrangement for your guests to see when they walk in the door and then another for the center of the dinner table!
Create a fun cocktail. Having a signature cocktail for the night is a great way to introduce a new drink to your guests. Something fruity or citrusy is the perfect way to welcome spring at your dinner party. Try something new like a paloma, spiked peach lemonade, or lemon drop are perfect ideas for the signature cocktail for the evening.
Incorporate fresh spring foods. Vegetables and fruits are especially delicious in the spring so be sure to include a lot of these in your menu. Start the evening off with an appetizer like cucumber and chipotle finger sandwiches or sweet and salty skewers featuring fruits and also deli meats. Also, make a big garden salad with all sorts of fresh vegetables to start of the meal before the main course.
Grill out. The warm weather in the spring makes it ideal to grill your meal because your guests can enjoy a bit of time outside sipping cocktails while you grill. A simple marinated grilled chicken or a fresh grilled fish are perfect dishes that you can make in bulk to really feed your guests. Be sure to accent them with something very fresh like a lemon slice!
Finish with something sweet. No dinner party is complete without a fun dessert! Spring is the perfect time to try out something new and sweet! Something that’s super super easy is a simple key lime pie! All you need is a pre-made graham cracker crust (or feel free to make your own!), key lime yogurt and lime gelatin mix! There’s probably a recipe on the back of the one of the products too! It’s super easy and low maintenance and not to mention delicious!
How are you throwing a spring dinner party? Comment below!