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Pantone announced Greenery as it’s 2017 Color of the Year. Designers and event planners love to take cues from the COTY for inspiration. You can too, and incorporate the color into your home with these ideas.

For the Wall

Wall paint is the biggest way to make a statement with this color. Greenery evokes thoughts of nature and peace, perfect for a guest room, office, or nursery (it’s gender neutral). This one by Behr perfectly captures the hue. Another option is a cheeky wallpaper in a trendy cactus or banana leaf print. Choose wallpapers that are adhesive so you can easily remove them later if you want to redecorate. You can even just do one wall (with paint or paper) as a color blocking accent. Perhaps the most noncommittal way to add greenery to a wall is via wall art, like this one or this set. Downloading a printable version from an Etsy designer is an inexpensive way to get the look.

A Statement Piece

One piece of furniture is less of a commitment but still packs a punch. This comfortable reading chair & ottoman set is perfect for a statement in a room frequented by guests, like the living room. The chair has endless options, as you can move it to another room if you can redecorate or reupholster it altogether. Other ideas for a statement piece are a light fixture, rug, dining chairs, or table. You can DIY a statement piece yourself by buying an old piece of furniture at an antique store and painting it.

Decorative Accessories

Small accent pieces can bring the color of the year to a room in a  subtle way. You can implement this in an inexpensive way by finding decorative accents at your local home store, or, for more unique items with more personality, your local antique store.

Actual Greenery 

Real flora brings life into a room and also helps clean the air – an especially useful quality as we round out the end of winter. Try a large potted plant or tree in a corner catches the eye (see ‘A Statement Piece’ above), or some flowers in a vase are another pretty way to get the look. Using greenery in wall decor is a great DIY craft. This monogram laurel is a lovely wall accent, as are these wreaths.

Whatever your design intentions, you want to make sure your living space facilitates the perfect environment for rest, growth, and happiness. Creating the perfect space for you and your family is easy with greenery and the endless options and ideas it provides.