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5 Styling Tips and Ideas to Refresh Your Hair Routine

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Moving out of winter promises the fresh start of spring – a season of light, renewal, and warmth. However, for many of us, winter can leave hair dull and dry from the cold dry air and artificial heat. Spring cleaning is often hailed as an essential overhaul to welcome the new season, so why not apply that mentality to your hair as well? Trying some of the ideas below can breathe some life into your hair routine and help you feel refreshed and beautiful for the season to come. No matter how much time you prefer to spend on your hair routine, all of these are quick and easy fixes to make a change, so they’ll work even for the most low-maintenance woman.

Combat Frizziness & Dryness

As stated above, hair tends to dry out in the winter from all of the dry air – whether it’s the cold from the outside or heat from the inside, it’s inescapable and the cuticles of your strands dry out and break as a result. A great quick fix for this is using Moroccan Oil – a product hailed by celebrities and stylists alike. Simply rub a pea size drop in between your hands and run fingers through and all over the ends of hair. The bottle is  a little pricey, but since you only use a tiny amount per application, it lasts forever. Plus, it smells amazing.

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You can also do a hair mask – once or once a week – to add new softness if your regular conditioner is no longer cutting it.

Get Beach Waves Without the Beach

You might be bored of styling ideas at this point and wish for the days of easy summer hair. Luckily you can achieve that look now with a sea mist and give your hair a break from all of the hot styling tools. This one is a great option, or you can DIY your own. Simply spritz all over damp hair and make small twists with your fingers – Jessica Alba swears by this method for her California-girl waves – or twist your hair into a bun. Once it dries, you have instant beach waves, sans beach!

Stop Washing

You heard us! Consistently washing your hair strips it of it’s natural oils which make it soft and shiny – leading to dullness and dryness over time. Skip a few washes a week. This might sound daunting, but the amazing selection of dry shampoos nowadays (like this one) help your hair look fresh in between washes. You can also use it to give your hair better hold for styling.

Subtly Change Color

You might be opposed to the idea of highlights or a drastic color change due to the cost and maintenance of the upkeep. However, with the new hair painting trend, you can add subtle lightness to your hair just in time for the warmer months. Hair painting doesn’t bring color all the way to your roots, so you can choose to upkeep it or simply grow it out and it won’t look odd – as it grows out it turns into a balayage (a more subtle ombre). Research local salons to see hair painting options near you.

You can also go for a one time glaze – which you can easily do at home with a product like this one. A glaze gives your hair allover shine and softness, and you can choose a plain or tinted version to add a little color. A glaze usually fades after a few weeks, so it’s fairly noncommittal.

Camille Barron
Camille Barron
Camille is a New York native living in Nashville, Tennessee. She loves yoga, running, nutrition, and fashion, and is grateful for the opportunity to share important information with mothers. You can check out more of her writing on her personal blog at