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Refresh Your Home with These Spring Cleaning Tips

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It’s officially time to roll out the cleaning supplies and begin de-cluttering and reorganizing for spring. Spring cleaning, as stressful as it can be, is a great way to go through what you have and get reorganized for the coming months. Here are some expert tips to getting through spring cleaning season successfully.
Take note of what you have
The importance of spring cleaning is to reconsider everything you have and whether or not you need it. This is especially true when cleaning your closet, and can be very helpful while going through clothes. Create three piles: keep, donate and trash. Use these three piles to determine whether or not you should keep the item, donate it or just simply throw it away. If you’re nervous about giving something away designate a bin that’s a “halfway home” for clothes where you can put things and if you haven’t reached for it in a few months it’s probably not worth keeping.
Tackle the drawers
There are most likely drawers in your home filled with junk and things that you don’t need. Be sure to empty out each and every drawer in your home (dressers, kitchen, bathroom, etc.) and see what’s inside. Do a similar thing as you did with clothes and create piles of keep, throwaway or relocate. Take note if that specific items should stay in it’s location, be relocated to another location or just gotten rid of.
Don’t forget deep cleaning
Hopefully you’ve wiped down your bathroom/kitchen surfaces in the past few days/weeks, but don’t forget the deep cleaning that you probably haven’t done in a while. Dust lighting fixtures and blinds, wash windows and screens, clean the oven, wax the floors, clean the blades of ceiling fans etc. These things that you might not do in your regular cleaning regime, be sure to do them now!
Get everyone involved
Especially if you have kids, give them easy, but important tasks for them to help with the spring cleaning. Have your child take the sheets of their bed for washing, tidy up their rooms, go through books/toys, sort through movies and video games or do simple cleaning like washing the sinks, bathtub or wiping down the kitchen counter/table. Every hand helps and will make the cleaning go by quicker!
Tackle the day room by room
Go room by room in your home and tackle the cleaning in this pattern. Go from kitchen to living room to bedrooms to bathrooms as you clean each and everything in each room. Usually it is best to take a full weekend to tackle your spring cleaning project because it will most likely take a bit more time than your usual cleaning job.
What are your best spring cleaning tips? Share them below in a comment!